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Simple Ideas for Handpainted Warps

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Here are a few ideas for using handpainted warps. I have not tested all of these, but I'll try to get some real samples done this year.

4 Harness designs

This is a simple twill design that could be woven using one of my handpainted 200 thread 6/2 tencel warps with 8/2 tencel for contrast and weft. Sett at 20 to 24 epi and woven with the lighter weight weft, this should have a nice drape. The project would be 9.25" wide on-loom.

Below is another idea. This is a variation of draft #74273 on I added a thread to every point to make it undulate more than the original. Same specs, 6/2 warp and 8/2 weft.

A few tips

In general, you should sett handpainted warps a bit more closely than the sett chart would suggest. I like to use a lighter weight weft and beat very softly.

You can't go wrong with a black or very dark grey weft for most mid to dark color warps. These colors accentuate and intensify the brightness of the warp colors; lighter colors can give a washed out appearance.

For a pastel painted warps, try using a neutral mid/dark grey, or a grey toned purple or brown that reads more as grey than a color.

For wider projects, consider mixing your painted warp with bands of solid colors, including basic black.

Four yard warps will give you ample space to test out ideas, and generally yield one long scarf. Six yard warps will be long enough for two scarves (or shawls, depending on the number of threads). This all depends on the loom waste of your particular loom, of course.

I hope this sparks your imagination and would love to see your projects! If you contact me with a photo, I can post it on this page if you like. Thanks for reading!


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