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Luminous Color

I've been on a roll lately with dyeing variations on one colorway. Using a blend of bluegreens, blue-violets, and orchid purple with varying dye saturation on different fibers, this is what I have for March:

This first set of tencel warps is the darkest, and doesn't have the orchid tones.

This warp is a more muted multi-yarn blend of tencel, tencel/cotton and rayon boucle. Each of the yarns takes the dyes slightly differently. I want to do a lot of these in the near future; the subtle differences in color and texture will add a lot of visual interest to my projects.

Experimenting with doing lighter/brighter shades.

And finally, a set of very pale, colorwash tints. Also on tencel, these warps are 6 yards long.

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