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180 Handpainted Threads

I’m testing out ideas for using hand painted warps, selecting drafts to maximize the color changes. Though the color shifts in this one are on the subtle side, you can see how a "satin" type twill shows off the flow of the colors.

The warp is a 6/2 Seacell/cotton 50/50 blend. I have about 8 pounds of it to dye warps to sell and maybe make a few personal projects. The base color (undyed) is a deep ecru, so it looks a little better dyed in warm colors (so far). The weft is 8/2 commercial tencel in a solid dark reddish brown.

This is a quick, easy to weave 8-harness, 4-treadle 3/1 twill. It’s just as interesting on the reverse side, with the 3/1 twill showing off the color transitions as well. The treadling is 1-2-3-4, so you don’t have to pay much attention when weaving. I've done projects with a treadling sequence of 168 picks, so I'm loving the simplicity of this one. Most 3/1 twills should look great using a handdyed warp and solid weft, especially a slightly lighter weft.

There's a slight "furrowing" of the cloth after wet finishing, but not as much as you could get with those reversed areas just being a straight reverse of the face pattern; the furrows are a "broken twill".

Weaving Draft: 24178, 2500 Armature - Intreccio Per Tessuti Di Lana, Cotone, Rayon, Seta - Eugenio Poma, Italy, 1947, #43800, from

Project — Scarf. I thought I'd have enough for a cowl too, but was short a few inches

Finished Size — 7.5" wide x 80" long + fringe

Sett — 20 epi, 28 ppi

Draft — #43800,


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